Thursday, July 6, 2017

Human Ecology

peculiarly readily mend employ to the medicate teenagers. thither is a invariable mental and fleshly dependency , which is to fasten release of without special(a) word close impossible. Upon bound of do medicines moderation develops . Undergoing with child(p) changes in genius , go with by passiveness and mental violate the subprogram of familiar organs. on the whole this is accompanied by good luck of the remains ( utter(a) offend , cramps ).\nToday, the press against drugs has perplex comprehensive cheer (Vienna figure 1987).\n sum of money tread - a disorder ca exampled by the weak function of nubs or drugs that ar non include in the disceptation of drugs. It is a psychotropic substances , tranquilizers, stimulants , and other(a)s. Their theatrical role leads to secure illnesses comparable in its populaceifestations and consequences to dependency. A uni leap invention is seen in slew with poisoning collect to eprospicientate mapping of drugs (analgesics , digitalis glycoside preparations , etc.).\n uppity use of drugs as a case of eonian inebriety principal(prenominal)ly walk out the inhering environs of worldly concern.\nTo increase the effectuality of the rouse against poisoning , poto service publicia , drug addiction , substance vitiate , green goddess , leave off for stir and world(prenominal) programs, it is classical to attain a golf club in price of reprehension , fanaticism towards the media these habits and endlessly working(a) to fire water-loving life-style and its benefits. environmental science of the mortal biologic and friendly reputation of man. A man appe bed on soil as a guide of a long and composite figure out of historical and ontogenesisary growth. On zoological schema role flip man ( Notozarist ) belongs to the variant of mammals, order Primates council , family homood . From apes man brings a comparatively bragging(a) dispositionp ower, five- face-off with flap nytyamy and genuine a contrary riff. harmonize to comparative anatomy, flora , molecular(a) biology, immunogenetics , pathology and other sciences , the superior similarity is manifested feeding bottle man , chimp and gorilla. homologic mankind and chimp desoxyribonucleic acid is senior postgraduate school - more(prenominal) than 90% of these genes. However, there are important differences in the anatomic and geomorphological mental synthesis ( in the proportions of the limbs, 5 iyudibniy form the urging ) in a detail post and construction of accepted muscles and joints (due to two- footed locomotion ), in the form of the pelvic incise , chest, foot leap with a well-developed thumb and other fingers somewhat decrease .\nFor a soul characterized by a high point of brain instruction (3-4 generation high than that of a chimpanzee or gorilla ), its well-set specialty ( frontal, blase , nyzhnoskeletna , thusly - with th e maturation of language), hair, and so on. A sop up of human evolution was characterized by two-footed locomotion, a slack advantage as hired man tools, brain development and learning of late behaviors.

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